And I hope you have one as well

Now to this, you need one thing on your side, and that is information and of course intuition. Intuition is something that is built up in your career as an investor. Once you are able to get into the market and know all you can about it, you will then form a relationship with the market like no other.

Well, the reality is that currency options trading also forms a significant part of the forex market. Like stock options, currency options provide you the right to sell a specific currency inside the option period of time. In recent times, a newfangled option has been launched, popularly known as binary option.

Picture this for a second, a Forex System construtor chooses a specific timeframe, for example September 2009 to August of 2010, operate his system, and produce a slightly positive results. He then starts to optimize the stop loss, take profit, as well as some parameters to determine his entry. The outcomes increases with each and every modification. After working this optimisation for hours, his curve fit process generates a 500 % profit in that period of time using 700 pips stop and 5 pips of take profit. Could you not see how dangerous his Forex system is? In the event the future market does not perform within the same conditions from the period he used to test, his Forex System will crash and burn immediately, without question..

Investors will closely watch the press conference for any signals of future ECB actions, conventional or otherwise. We think the outcome could be more dovish than expected, which would weigh on EURUSD. It is interesting to note that at every single post meeting conference, ECB President Trichet stressed that 1% is not the floor in rates, indicating that there is still a body of opinion within the Governing Council which favours further cuts.

The above is simple to calculate by just taking the leverage of your trading account setting. The tricky part is the margin calculation. Taking the same example, if the currency goes up by 100 pips, you will gain $1k unrealized profit. Everyone who trades Forex knows what scalping is. Simply speaking it is a legal trading strategy that attempts to make many profits on small price changes. Unfortunately it requires a brilliant concentration and a lot of time spent in front of the computer.

BIG PICTURE: Bias to Risk Appetite:The S 500 and other major stock indexes remain in up trends, thus our longer term ambivalent bias is long on risk assets like stock indexes, commodities, and higher yielding currencies, though as stimulus programs end in mid 2010 and mortgages reset higher we are skeptical about the rally long term health. Meanwhile, play the uptrend. Because we suspect that the Euro zone debt travails are far from over, and that some key commodities are still overpriced, our longer term bias is to believe the USD trend up still has room to run.

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